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Products > Eyewash Station > > Portable Eyewash Station
Portable Eyewash Station
Product name : Portable Eyewash Station
Product No. : 201783121328
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Technical parameters: Storage tank size: 65 * 51 * 24 (Unit: CM) Total volume: 53L; functional volume: 37.85L.
Flow: Sustainable water more than 15 minutes. 
Performance: super acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive chemical substances.
Able to provide timely and professional protection, and convenient.
No installation required, may need to install or use according to the site.
Water hole to allow ample space, flush the eyes and face, there will be at hand to assist when flushing.
Pressure red skin eyewash material with a non-toxic polyethylene container valve flow stability, plus five liters of pure water every 90 days should be replaced by pure water and aerated, aerated he pushed about 50 times 2.5Mpa. Available for sustainable water for 15 minutes.
Applications: used in pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, education and scientific research units.
I. Porta stream I has a total capacity of 6 gallons
II. Delivers 6 minutes of uninterrupted hand free flushing with low cost plumbling
III. Lightweight design works on gravity-fed flow and begins immediately when the nozzle strap is removed
IV. Porta Stream I is supplied with either 2.07L of eye-saline concentrate which when mixed with tap water provides 22.7L of eye-saline solution, or Fend-all Preservative, enough for 53-61L of water.
V. Portable in nature and can be mouted on the wall, mobile stand or mobile cart 

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